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Lettre de soutient de la CEA adressée à la commission Européenne


Souligner les initiatives des membres nationaux, qui ont joué un rôle pivot dans de nombreux domaines pendant la pandémie de Covid-19, et offrir un soutien continu au Parlement européen.


European Commission
Director General for Economie and Financial Affairs
Charlemagne building (CHAR) 
Rue de la Loi 170 / Wetstraat 17
0 1000 Bruxelles/Brussel 


The FUEDI represent the interests of lndependent lnsurance Claims Lass Liquidation Experts (European Lass Adjusting Experts) across Europe through 15 National European representative associations and during the Covid-19 pandemic our national members have played a pivotai raie in many areas and we wanted to highlight the importance of the work our members have undertaken, in addition we wish to highlight the usefulness of the sharing of knowledge which has been a key feature of our members during the pandemic. The purpose ofthis letter is to highlîght our national members’ initiatives and to offer continued support to the EU Parliament.

At the heart of our consideration and that of our members is the interests of the consumer based on our shared Code of Ethics. The pandemic had two key features that were of considerable interest and have been challenging to the usual insurance daims evaluation practices of our member association members.

Firstly, businesses were closed and enterprises lest valuable incarne. Whilst Governments across Europe stepped in to assist there was also the matter of Business Interruption lnsurance and the caver available. The FUEDI recognised that this was a key issue and initiated discussion with our national members culminating in an Expert presentation by Jens Otto member of the German Experts Association (BTE) on how Business Interruption daims were being handled fairly and justly in the German market. At the time the UK continued in the transition phase of their departure of the EU.

Many International policy wordings are/were London based and experts from our member organisation in the UK provided key guidance to the wider market. ln France, the national association member, CEA, organized related conferences involving the main stakeholders such as MP, the national insurance federation FFA, economlsts.

Secondly, we had considerable concern that consumers would be negatively impacted if their lnsurance Claims couId not be properly and fairly assessed. Our membership organisations and their members have worked hard to provide safe visits where visits were necessary and essential.  

Lass Adjusting Experts being recognised as Key Workers. However, recognising the need to break the change of virus visits have been correctly limited to those that were wholly necessary. The use of information technology has been very important and is now part of the tools used for the swift insurance daims liquidation process. lt has been beneficial to  have dear laws regarding General Data Protection set in individual countries under the umbrella of the EU Directive.

During the pandemic other natural disasters have occurred such as flooding and Storms. Our members have of  course responded to these events again to  ensure fair and just claims settlements.  The purpose of his letter was to highlight some of the good work undertaken by our members and to  highlight our interest to act in a positive manner to guide and support the EU in  initiatives around insurance daims and to highlight that many of our members are experts in the subject of mitigation of lasses.  This indudes finding ways of reducing the financial impact of lasses on businesses and of course we would seek ta support and provide guidance to EU officiais wherever possible for the  wider benefit of the European Union member states.

Finally, as the UK left the EU we still need a member association representing the Republic of lreland. lt was important for  us to  be able to  support members working in the Republic of  lreland using qualifications from the CILA which represents both the Republic of treland and the UK since the formation of FUEDI in 1972 in Paris. Recognition by the Central Bank of lreland of the CILA qualifications supported by our own recognition of the CILA qualification was useful within the Cornmon Travel Area.

Trusting that this information will be useful we remain.


Christian Leif Hansen, President
Christophe Fournial, 1st vice President
Malcolm Hyde, 2nd vice President

Yours faithfully,

Henk Grootkerk, Executive Director
Rotterdam, February 18th 2021


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